高分辨率的Xlin-1.7-3000系列 InGaAs探测器专门设计用于 地球观测。 这款探测器 基于三个 InGaAs电光二极管阵列机械对接而成, 每个阵列为1,024像素和25 μm像素大小, 从而构成一条2,900像素的 近连续性线探测器。 探测器 配备防眩光涂层窗口的 气密密封封装, 或开放性封装(选装)。

得益于其高灵敏度和 量子效率,其可在 超低照明水平下工作。

这款读出集成电路包括 相关双采样(CDS)和 自稳零功能,可实现低暗 信号非均匀性(DSNU)修正。

可选积分时间以及 电容器可允许对 飞行中变频增益进行微调。 您可选择 高灵敏度(HS)模式和 高动态范围(HDR)模式。 此外,10 kHz的超高最大线速率 可在其时域内 实现高分辨率。

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  • 3 x 1,024像素
  • 相关双采样(CDS)
  • 在SWIR范围内的高灵敏度
  • 10 kHz高速
  • 可选积分时间和电容器


  • 在轨道上可获得高地面分辨率
  • 在轨道上可获得高分辨率
  • 飞行中可自动适应各种照明条件
  • 低噪音性能
  • 完美适用于大气层和植物检测
    800 - 1,700nm范围的SWIR线扫描探测器



3000 pixels in one line


High dynamic range mode available


Array Specifications

Array Specifications Xlin-1.7-3000
Array characteristics
Array type InGaAs photodiode array
Spectral band 0.9 μm to 1.7 μm
Resolution 3 x 1024 pixels mechanically butted
Pixel pitch 25 μm
Pixel height 25 μm or 250 μm
Array length 73.2 mm
Pixel operability > 99 %
Pixel alignment X-Y direction: < 25 μm (over the full array) Z direction: < 100 μm (over the full array)
Subarray separation < 1.5 mm
Fill factor 100 %
ROA 0.27 M.Ω.cm²
Peak detectivity (at 293K) 3.8 x 1012 cm.sqrt (Hz)/W
Detector characteristics
Integration time range 1 μs - 1 s
Array cooling Uncooled
Dark Signal Non-Uniformity < 5%
Modulation Transfer Function at Nyquist (MTF) > 50 %
Package Custom made metal can with ceramic substrate and 2 x 36 pins
Window and lid Double-side coated transmission fi lter with gold plated lid to allow for seam sealing
Read-Out characteristics
Technology CTIA topology 0.35 μm CMOS
Power supply 3.3 V
CDS Correlated Double Sampling
Auto Zero Yes
# outputs 3
Pixel rate 12.5 MHz
Line time 100 μs
Operating modes Integrate Then Read (ITR) Integrate While Read (IWR)
Power consumption < 300 mW per module or < 900 mW for the full array
Gain settings Various settings from 30 fF (HS) till 2130 fF (HDR)
Gain (μV/e-) From 32 (HS) till 0.19 (HDR)
Pixel well depth Various settings from 60 Ke- (HS) till 10 Me- (HDR)
Dynamic range Various settings from 60:1 (HS) till 3200:1 (HDR)
Environmental specifications
Operational temperature range -40°C to 85°C
Radiation tolerance Qualified for 10 krad ionizing radiation with maintained performance





Xlin-1.7-3000 for earth observation The Xlin-1.7-3000 detector is specifically designed for earth observation to reveal lots of detailed information on vegetation, clouds, humidity and other atmospheric conditions.
Sensors for remote sensing by Xenics The main activities of Xenics are the design and manufacture of linear arrays, FPA and cameras for the Short Wavelength range (SWIR), based on InGaAs detectors. Exactly this wavelength band is of high interest in the remote sensing of vegetation properties. The water (vapor) content of the atmosphere causes a strong absorption at 1.45 μm, but above this absorption peak, the reflectance in the [1.5 – 1.7 μm] band is very interesting to determine the liquid water content in the plants and for the identification of tree types and plant conditions. For the more Mediterranean area the SWIR band is also important to detect wild fire affected areas and even for the detection of active fires.
Space developments resulting in industrial camera platforms Xenics, involved in several space projects such as Proba-V, is responsible for the design and development of the short-wave infrared detectors. A novel high resolution InGaAs line-scan camera from Xenics conquers many applications in the near infrared.
EARTHCARE is a cornerstone mission of ESA to study the radiometric balance of the earth ecosystem Preparation of the Visible, Near Infrared and ShortWave Infrared detectors on Earthcare for the radiometric analysis of the earth energy balance
Xenics InGaAs SWIR detector is part of the Proba-V space mission Three Xlin-1.7-3000 linear arrays are launched into space aboard the ESA's Proba-V satellite (2013)


Modules & components brochure Xlin-1.7-3000

Xeneth LabVIEW软件开发套件(SDK)

Xenics摄像机的LabVIEW工具套件可提供 高水平的范例以及低水平的VI案例,便于编程人员将Xenics 摄像机集成到他们使用LabVIEW编写的软件 应用中。

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