We are currently looking for...

  • You have at least a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical or Electronic Engineering
  • At least 3 years experiences
  • Experience in customer service and troubleshooting with computer software and or electronic hardware;
  • Motivated and empathic problem solver, result and customer oriented, desires to use new and creative ideas, eager to acquire new knowledge;
  • Sense for details while gathering customer’s technical support information, accurate in reporting and writing.
  • The Xenics environment requires a good team player who maintains effective public and co-worker relationships, work in cross-functional teams and has multi-tasking capabilities.

Function description

You will be the technical support for customers and the sales network of Xenics for infrared cameras that will be used in a large variety of applications in infrared imaging and spectral measurement applications. After a deep technical training at Xenics headquarters in Belgium, you will support our customer to use our product in most appropriate way, determine their problems by evaluating and analyzing the symptoms and redirect them to appropriate resources of the organization when required. You will also help customer in their specific applications and share those experiences with our sales and marketing team.

You will play a very important role in the continuous growth of Xenics business in North America. This will require the following experiences and knowledge

  • Experience and knowledge of programming and electronics is mandatory:
    • Basic Technical knowledge of (object oriented) programming of hardware (handle, call by reference, 32 or 64 bit applications, dynamic link libraries . . . )
    • Practical knowledge of operating systems (Windows and Linux, usb driver update, Ethernet IP configuration, jumbo packets,  . . .)
    • Network basics, like TCP/IP, UDP, Ping, Ethernet IP configuration, DHCP, zeroconfig 
    • Hardware equipment and hardware functionalities (disk latency, SSD, RAM, hub that is jumbo packet compliant . . .)
  • Affinity or active knowledge of imaging is not mandatory but will be a plus:
    • Infrared imaging and applications: hyperspectral spectrograph, thermography, IR spectroscopy, night vision, typical differences between images made in short wave, midwave and long wave infrared
    • Optics: lens calculations, depth of field of view versus opening of IRIS (diaphragm), integration time, vignetting, chromatic aberration, image distortion,
    • Image correction, image enhancement (auto gain or AGC, . . .)
    • Imaging software applications (like Lightroom, Photoshop, VCL player, …

You will be based in Xenics USA, Inc.The position requires frequent travelling of around 20% of your time to directly support customers and sales representatives, for training at Xenics Headquarters and to support exhibitions all over the North American territory.



We offer an excellent salary with outstanding benefits and the opportunity to participate in the success of a unique high-tech company.

Versatile infrared analysis and reporting software

The Xeneth user interface is common to all the Xenics cameras. This makes it easy for customers to apply their familiarity with this comprehensive product to any new applications, covering wide ranging capabilities in various parts of the IR spectrum.

Learn it once and apply it over and over again.

Karl Niedermeyer, President, Spectro Associates, Inc.