IMVE Webcast: Infrared imaging - challenges and applications

IMVE Webcast: Infrared imaging - challenges and applications


In this webcast Xenics focuses on "SWIR InGaAs line-scan cameras – square or rectangular pixels for imaging or spectroscopy?"


Short Wave Infrared (SWIR) line-scan cameras are more and more used in a broad range of applications, which require a longer cutoff wavelength than standard CCD or CMOS cameras can offer. These applications are all driven by cost optimization, quality control in the production process, and reduced time to market with easy-to-integrate products.

Important applications are:

  • Sorting (waste, food, ...) based on characteristic spectral lines
  • Chip, Solar cell and display inspection, ... based on imaging through Silicon
  • Glass bottle inspection based on thermal imaging using SWIR
  • Quality control during paper production
  • Moisture detection based on water absorption in the SWIR spectrum
  • OCT for medical and industrial applications
  • Spectral analysis of food quality (fat, starch, ...)

Different techniques are used based on square pixel or rectangular pixel imagers. Pure imaging devices need square pixel imagers, optionally equipped with band pass filters whereas rectangular pixel imagers are used for spectral measurements combined with spectrometers.

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